A Call To Womanhood


Before I start the topic of Womanhood I want to clarify that this will be an overly simplistic reflection. As all of us know, the topic of Womanhood is as complex and vast as each one of us! I hope that this will begin a dialogue within each woman to search for the  meaning in each of our own walks as women physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As most all of you know, I am ferociously inspired by Lisa Bevere. I like to think of her as my spirit animal! Hah! But seriously, she speaks to my heart in a way that opens me up to allow God to remove the timid and insecure me, and mold that version of me into who I was born to be: mighty and fierce. I am reading her book “Nurture” right now and I am only on page 61 and already I have been ministered to deeply. I was prompted to write about the call to womanhood. Ever since I was young, the concept of Womanhood and femininity were topics I had to wrestle with. I would wrestle, reject, and then wrestle again with what this meant, and how I fit into these roles. I am starting to see, that womanhood is not only a concept, it is my calling. And it is yours too. (If you are a woman of course)

Lisa mentioned in her book that she was looking for healthy examples of sisterhood in the Bible, with her search retuning void. When she turned to The Lord to ask Him why there were no examples to be found, He answered her with:

“The chapter of the daughters is being written right now. Tell my daughters to right their lives well.” 

Wow. Can you even grasp the privilege, as well as the burden of being the ones to write the story of sisterhood? Yes, thats right, you and me.

Growing up, I have always had this draw to Mary Magdalene in the Bible, while also having a strong fascination with Joan of Arc in history. This seemed like opposites clashing in my innermost being. I felt like each of them were tugging at me to stake their claim for dominance! I couldn’t see it then, but God was attempting to reveal the essence of the womanhood to me. He created us to step confidently into this calling. His womanhood, is far from the “Womanizing” that plagues our society today. In fact, they could not be more different! Womanhood is a mandate rooted in The Lord, while the acceptance womanizing, sabotages the essence of the woman with the mundane.

Womanhood is a mandate rooted in The Lord,

while the acceptance womanizing, sabotages the essence of the woman with the mundane.


In high school, I had a period of time in which I totally rejected anything even remotely feminine. I dressed like a boy, I made and effort to only hang out with boys and any sports that were predominantly “male sports” I wanted to be a part of. I thought that being a woman seemed stupid, weak, and irrational. I wanted nothing to do with it. Eventually, the harsh reality of high school left me with a reputation of being a lesbian and boys having no interest in me, unless it was to throw a football around. But what did I expect? I got what I created. I knew that this is not what I wanted. The woman in me was crying out to find her place. To find what God was calling me to be, true Womanhood. I decided to make a quick shift. I mingled with some girls who helped me along the way to becoming much more “feminine”, I started receiving attention from guys, and the lingering rumors faded away. Yet, in the pit of my stomach, I knew that I was still wrestling with this thought of Felinity and Womanhood, I still felt awkward in my skin. I had not found that calling that God was impressing on my heart, but I wanted it, without even knowing it. I see now, that I was desperate for it.

 “Womanism” is most often associated with the oppression of African American women. I do not want to taint the reality of this very real and ugly form of oppression. Yet, this word speaks to me, especially concerning the topic of Scriptural Womanhood. Wikipedia ends the definition of “Womanism” with:

“At its core, womanism is a social change perspective based upon the everyday problems and experiences of African American women and other women of minority demographics, but more broadly seeks methods to eradicate inequalities not just for African American women, but for all people.” 

True womanhood is hard to come by, especially in this generation. Yet, I feel that God is calling us, as women, to eradicate the injustice that has been like an invasive vine on womanhood. It is time for us to stop picking apart our sisters, and work together to have a perspective of social and spiritual change on the forefront of our hearts, minds and above all prayers. This is a social injustice that we have allowed to happen, and now its time to reclaim our calling. Its time for us to cut off the vine’s life source so it cannot suffocate us any longer. Its time for women to write our story of sisterhood. And it has to begin with each of us, together.

Now, I am starting to understand why I have always been drawn to both Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc. God gave me the essence of Womanhood in a vision. Worldly femininity morphing into Godly womanhood and discipleship (Mary). And a mighty warrior, sacrificing all for her Lord and Savior (Joan). Mix these women into the other and you have, sweet one, the true grit of Womanhood.


When I was in high school this comparison seemed awkward and confusing, but now that I am pressing into God more and asking what it means to be a woman. I am seeing that these traits are embedded into each and everyone of us. How we manifest these callings are unique and authentically designated before each of us were ever placed on this Earth. The most important part, is that we speak life into our sisters. That we sharpen each other with the Word of God. That we listen and that we speak when God calls us to. We need to tap into how God called us to nurture our families, and those around us. And we need to reclaim the design that God created women to thrive in, and that is in the bond of sisterhood.

I have had the privilege of getting beautiful glimpses of this pure sisterhood and the blessing that it pours out on all those involved is beyond measure or word. I pray that this will be a contagious event that finds every woman and draws her to her tribe. No single warrior goes our alone, they go with their army, their militia.

So where are your prayer warriors? Your sisters in Christ? Pray for them if you don’t have them, and pour yourself into them if you do. Treasure each woman for what and who she is. Because if we learn to honor each woman, then the call to become the Women that God designed us to be will be planted in each heart and soul we encounter. That seed is invasive. I should know.

Be encouraged that embracing Womanhood does not mean sitting in a church pew, silent and powerless. It means loving intensely, going to war in prayer. It means mothering children, regardless of their biological relation. It means supporting our husbands, encouraging them to be the Men that God has called them to be. It means setting a standard that the younger generation admire and set their sights to go above and beyond. It is sacrificing ourselves to love in only a way a woman can. It is encouraging, scolding, whispering, yelling, fighting, being still, listening to The Lord, speaking out about The Lord. And this power is living inside each and every one of us!

The Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of women. There is an awakening coming. If you feel this tug in your heart, then you know, that you have a divine purpose to embrace the Mary and Joan inside of you!


Proverbs 14:1 “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.”

Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price [is] far above rubies.”

1 Peter 1:13 “Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Exodus 5:13“The LORD is a warrior; The LORD is His name.

Fight on sisters and as always,

Have grit,


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