About Kiersten Homalon

Hello! I am Kiersten Homalon! I am a Colorado Born woman who chose to leave everything behind and live on The Big Island and ever since I have fallen in love with the Spirit of Aloha! Even now, residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado The Sprit of Aloha drives me in everything I do! To live generously and focused on giving and serving those around me!

I am born to an Oahu Native and blessed to have two children of our very own, Irie (4years) & Amos (almost 1 years).

I embarked on my certifications and passion after the birth of my daughter Irie. After experiencing my husband being absent for the majority of my pregnancy and even after she was born due to deployment, I was left to figure out motherhood out on my own. This made me want to ensure that postpartum women had community. I never wanted another woman to go through the mysterious Postpartum experiences that I had, and the pain of Postpartum depression.

I aim to use my education, certifications, and experience to lead women in making educated choices about their postpartum needs extending all the way into toddlerhood of their children.

I believe in creating relationships with my clients that will allow them to reach out to me on a number of bases! I also am blessed to have a wonderful network of birth workers that I am apart of and love referring and connecting women with the specialist that fits them!


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Lactation Specialist ( Lactation Education Resources)

Placenta Encapsulation and Postpartum Specialized- IPPA

Beng Kung Belly Binding & Postpartum Herbs- IPPA