Postpartum Meal Prepping Services


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Nourishment in the postpartum season for a mother is key. Ensuring that the mother is able to have easy meals right at her fingertips, all which have been cooked and delivered right to her very own kitchen ensures that she is able to be taken care of while she is taking care of her Ohana. 

Just for Mama

$80 per week
  • 5 Breakfast Smoothies
  • 5 Frozen Meals
  • 5 Healthy Snacks

Mommy and Me

$110 per week
  • 5 Frozen Breakfast Smoothies
  • 5 Frozen Meals enough for 2
  • 10 Snacks for Mom and Child
  • 3 Organic Home Made Snack Pouches for Kiddos

Mommy and Family

$250 + per week (Dependent on Size of Family)
  • 10 Breakfast Smoothies (Enough for Adults in Family)
  • 5 Frozen Meals of entire Family
  • 15 Snacks for Mom and entire Family
  • 3 Organic Homemade Snack Pouches Per Child

Menus Custom to Dietary Desires and Needs


I aim to create Delicious Menus custom for Families Needs and Preferences!


Choosing Organic ingredients and sourcing local items is key in the preparation of each meal!


Vegan. Paleo. Raw. Farm to Table. All are options when choosing meal preparation for your family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you shop for the ingredients used?

I like to shop at farmers markets when they are available. I also shop at Sprouts, Trader Joes and Costco. I always aim for local and organic!!

How do I know what will be on our Menu?

I always discuss with the Mother what her food preferences are. This helps me to create a menu that I know she will love. Once I have solidified what I think would be a good menu I confirm with the mother/ family and begin my preparation when everyone is satisfied.

How does this all work?

Once the mother/ family have chosen their package, then I set up a delivery date, payment date that works for the family budget and schedule. This allows me to shop, prepare and Bill the client on the same days every week which makes this whole process work smoothly!