Placenta Services

I meet with each client around 30-34 weeks gestation and discuss the perfect package options. Then after birth I meet with mother to receive placenta and discuss the birth and postpartum details to ensure that placenta encapsulation and herbal choices are specific to each mother and that the process is as safe and beneficial as possible. Book your consultation today. 

**Initial prices will vary on packages chosen and postpartum services chosen.

Prices start at:

Basic Heated Placenta Capsules

  • Placenta Steamed in Distilled water prior to Dehydration
  • No additional herbs or infusions.

Placenta Capsules

  • Keeps the majority of Nutrients and Hormonal Potency in Tact
  • Not steamed prior to dehydration
  • Dehydrated for a longer period of time at a lower temperature ** Heated at the highest temperature for 1st 3 hrs to kill any existing bacteria)

Herbal Placenta Capsules

  • Blend of warming herbs used while steaming the placenta
  • ** Herbs specific to your postpartum needs

Other Placenta Items:

Placenta Chocolate Chia Pudding: Starting at $12

A great way to receive comfort and nourishment from the placenta, and the many benefits of chia! This is a great way for women who want to ingest raw placenta without having to worry about looking at or feeling the texture of the placenta! ** Consultation required for raw ingestion.

Placenta Smoothies (Starting at $12)

Various flavors. A great way to ingest raw placenta, and reap the benefits of vegetables, fruit and supplements able to be added to smoothies! Recipe Specifically designed for each client.

A great alternative to pharmaceutical ways of controlling bleeding!

Placenta Balms (Starting at $30)

A great addition to every house hold medicine cabinet. With the amazing ability to remove toxins from the body. This includes healing abilities on bug stings, cuts, and slivers!!!

Ingredients: candililla, cocoa butter, Shea butter, olive oil, vitamin e, bentonite clay, activated charcoal powder, rhassoul clay, purifying essential oils, placenta powder.